update – Diablo II: The Abyss v 1.18

Diablo II: The Abyss version 1.18 released! The mod’s page also updated.

Changes in 1.18 --
	D2MultiRes is no longer bundleded with the mod, but still mirrored on the site
		Saves some file space
		I've been finding the 800x600 easier to play in, though not as pretty
	2 New staff class weapons that add to barb skill, among other things
		rattan staff	fighting baton
		dragon staff	nightstick
		monk's staff	melon hammer
	New Runewords:
		Conky (KenazNaudJera) [Wirt's Leg]
		Heaven's Will (ManazTiwazSowilHagal) [Weapons and Missile Weapons]
		Nightfall (DagazBjark) [Weapons and Missile Weapons]
		Obsession (NaudNaud) [All Weapons and All Armor]
		Fortune's Favor (NaudNaudNaud) [All Weapons and All Armor]
		Authority (NaudNaudNaudNaudNaudNaud) [All Weapons and All Armor]
		Woe (IsazUruz) [Weapons and Missile Weapons]
	Cube Recipes:
		Upgrade base items:
			Tal Shael PerfectDiamond Normal Item + herb -> Exceptional Item
			Ko + Lem + perfect diamond + exceptional item + herb -> elite item
		Obtain gems: El Rune + Perfect Gem + Herb = 3 random chipped gems
			like for if ur upgrading items and run out of the right type, or take a chance and upgrade more with a single gem

		Tweaked numbers on barb weapon masteries
		reset druid's wolf and bear shifted graphics
		Animal Lore Synergizes Shapeshifted Duration
		Changed the strings (names/description) on Droseras (formerly Druid's vines)
		Paladin Holy Bolt heals 10x more
	New Items:
		Unique: Godly Plate of the Whale [Ancient Armor]

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