I was a Custodian Once

This short was floating around the nether regions of my hard drive awhile ago and I posted it on YouTube. It’s about Mr. Clean’s tolerance for the shortcomings of others. Mr. Clean is the guy with the cape, played by Adam Roy (whose brainchild this is.) I did the soundtrack using Sonic Foundry Acid and its generic, default loops. The way it times up to the movie was coincidental, but useful.

Though it says 2004, I think its from a few years earlier. 2004 seemed like a safe number.

Mr. Clean on Tolerance from Crabwise EP

Do Not Deviate

Follow the orange line to the Processing Area. Do not deviate.
I’ve updated the music page with a song I made way back at the begging of this year. A cover from a true classic, check out Main Title from Escape from New York on the Music and/or Noise page. MP3 and Flac versions available.

edit: see also: No. 1: Do Not Deviate Redux at 4040 AD

Escape from New York Poster from Alamo Drafthouse