Dr. Brontosaurus & fat beard EP

In this EP, fat beard and I explore the existentialism of existence through a combination of the Gameboy’s 4-bit audio chip and Speak and Spell samples. Among those are also some samples from the classic video games Duke Nukem 3D and Starcraft. The EP was thrown together using Renoise, Reaper, beer and weed. I also managed to lose the master of the first track. Fuck.

Download MP3 or Flac versions on the Music page.

Dr. Brontosaurus & fat beard EP cover

Dr. B & fat beard Droppin’ Some Noise

I been flexin’ the MIDI of late; something we should all do more often.
fat beard came by and we made a noise track. More music (in a more organized fashion) to follow.

Dr. Brontosaurus & fat beard – the war in vietnam

edit: The master of this was lost due to incompetence (read: Windows Vista) and not making adequate back ups. MP3 is as good as its gonna get; I usually like to make Flac available just to be an audiophile nerd douche.

update – Diablo II: The Abyss v 1.2

The files have been up for testing for a couple weeks now and everything seems to be working in this massive update. The Abyss can now be installed via setup and has a launcher built in so that the original, unmodded version of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction can be run at any time (including a version of the launcher for use with D2MultiRes.)

The change in version number format is to reflect the version of the launcher program.

The following changes in the game have been implemented:

	New background screen for TCP/IP game menu that I found in the game's files
	New Loading Screen based on some Diablo 3 art of Rakanishu or something.
	New Amazon skill: Quickness
	New sound for manipulating Arcane Runes in the inventory
	Bone wands/Grave wands and their counterparts are now correctly flagged as 'bone' type items
	Map Changes - The following areas have been renovated
		Act 1
			Rogue Encampment (modified from Demon666's plugin; thanks Demon666!)
			Cold Plains - Bishbosh's Camp (thanks ShamanKing!)
		Act 2 - Lut Golein (modified from Caela's plugin; thanks Caela!)
		Act 3 - Kurast Docks (thanks dyze!)
		Act 4 - Pandemonium Fortress (modified from ShamanKing's plugin; thanks ShamanKing!)
	Unique Items
		Mark of Wu [small charm]
		Authority now armor only
		Fortune's Favor now helms only
		Obsession now belt, boots only
		changed Storm
		Thurisaz is now Thurz
		added Voice (ThursKenaz) helm
		added Desire (OdalDagaz) belt
		Heaven's Will properties modified. skill chances and dmg% is now dmg-min
		fixed strings on Flickering Flame and Fortune's Favor
		First Circle: The Lovers (FehuUruz) [helm, torso, gloves]
		Second Circle: Tradition (ThurzAnsuzRaido) [shield]
		Third Circle: Unbending Will (KenazGeboWunjoHagal) [weapons]
		Fourth Circle: Valor (NaudIsazJeraEihoz) [weapons]
		Fif Circle: War (PerthAlgizSowilTiwazBjark) [spear, sword, axe]
		Sexth Circle: Youth (EhwazManazLaguzYngviOdalDagaz) [armor, shield]
		Aurora of the North (Naud, Flawless Diamond, Nef) [Helms Shields]
		Aurora of the South (Sol, Flawless Diamond, Sowil) [Helms Shields]
		Honor Guard Diamond (Wunjo, Flawless Diamond, Yngvi) [swords]
		Honor Guard Ruby (Wunjo, Flawless Ruby, Yngvi) [maces]
		Honor Guard Saphire (Wunjo, Flawless Saphire, Yngvi) [axe]
		Honor Guard Topaz (Wunjo, Flawless Topaz, Yngvi) [missle weapons]
		Honor Guard Emerald (Wunjo, Flawless Emerald, Yngvi) [staff]
		Honor Guard Amethyst (Wunjo, Flawless Amethyst, Yngvi) [spear]
		Honor Guard Skull (Wunjo, Flawless Skull, Yngvi) [polearms]
		Grifter's Rest (JeraManaz) [wands]
		Shadow Words
			Dread (2 Perfect Skull)
			Despair (3)
			Darkness (4)
			Terror (5)
			Oblivion (6)
		Fire Words
			Hatred (2 Perfect Ruby)
			Hunger (3 Perfect Ruby)
			Red (4 Perfect Ruby)
			Judgment (5 Perfect Ruby)
			Armageddon (6 Perfect Ruby)
		Ice Words
			Broken Promise (2 Perfect Saphire)
			Penitence (3)
			Whisper (4)
			Patience (5)
			Knight's Vigil (6)
		Lightning Words
			Lightning (2 Perfect Topaz)
			Thunder (3)
			Tempest (4)
			Question (5)
			Prowess in Battle (6)
		Toxicant (Poison) Words
			Envy (2 Perfect Emerald)
			Jealousy (3)
			Temptation (4)
			Peril (5)
			Pestilence (6)
		Aether Words
			Chance (2 Perfect Amethyst)
			Mystery (3)
			Reason (4)
			Knowledge (5)
			Truth (6)
		Circle of Mastery (Regular Diamond, Ruby, Saphire, Topaz)
		Sphere of Mastery (Flawless Diamond, Ruby, Saphire, Topaz, Emerald)
		Orb of Mastery (Perfect Diamond, Ruby, Saphire, Topaz, Emerald, Amethyst)
	Lesser Gemwords
		chipped [weapons and helms]:
			Beauty (2 chipped ruby)
			Sting (2 chipped saphire)
			Thunderhead (2 chipped topaz)
			Deception (2 chipped emerald)
			Thought (2 chipped amethyst)
			Mist (2 chipped skulls)
			Destiny's Wheel (2 chipped diamond)
		regular [weapons and shields]:
			Blood (3 ruby)
			Water (3 saphire)
			Law (3 topaz)
			Punishment (3 emerald)
			Innocence (3 amethyst)
			Thirst (3 skull)
			Pillar of Faith (3 diamond)

Blizzard is currently working on Diablo II Patch 1.13. I’m not sure if the mod will be compatible with it or will require my attention once the patch goes live. All this means is this will be the last content update for the mod until Patch 1.13 is released. More information on Patch 1.13 is available on Blizzard’s forums.