Let’s Play Jazz Jackrabbit 2: Holiday Hare ’98 Part 0: Intro and Whatnot

youtube-icon-full_colorYay. Soon it will be Christmas and a bunch of rabbits will be available to soothe the aggression provoked by classic American, Norman Rockwell family values. Seriously, the local multiplayer of this game can be really fun to play with your cousins/siblings/racist uncles, etc.

Let’s Play SimTower 25: Condo Revelations

youtube-icon-full_colorA-ha! (not the band) I figured out, finally, how to change the prices in the condominiums. I may end up rebuilding a great deal of them. This is the point in the game where some sense of planning would pay off, but I didn’t do that.

Let’s Play Commander Keen 5: The Armageddon Machine 19: Learn to Impossible Pogo

youtube-icon-full_colorThis is the first time I have ever consciously chosen to do the Impossible Pogo Trick and, not to suck my own dick here, but it didn’t take nearly as long as I was prepared for it to take.

Let’s Play Commander Keen 5: The Armageddon Machine 18: Korath III Base

youtube-icon-full_colorLet us join Commander Keen in uncovering the “secrets” of the “secret” level: The Korath III Base.
If I can’t, I’ll never be able to return to orbit.