mandingo time travel

17:05 – Whitebird: whattt
17:05 – Whitebird: 9/11 flight numbers were crowley numbers
17:05 – Whitebird: whaaaaa
17:06 – Dr. Brontosaurus: you know this one
17:06 – Dr. Brontosaurus: thats all just quantum residue from modifying the timeline
17:06 – Dr. Brontosaurus: think about 9/11 next time you are in an orgiastic state, you’ll see
17:07 – Whitebird: lulz
17:07 – Dr. Brontosaurus: turns out you only need human willpower to travel thru time but you can only activate it by watching the person you love the most get mandingo gorilla fucked while looking into your eyes and making immasculating comments
17:07 – Whitebird: lol
17:07 – Whitebird: write that one down